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9 Keys to Keep Your Best People From Walking Out the Door

The Great Resignation is not going away - it's part of a longer trend

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics almost 50 million people resigned in the US in 2022.

But this trend is a global one – and one that is not pandemic related.

With the exception 2020, at the start of the pandemic, employee turnover rates have been steadily increasing since 2009.

The 9 Currencies of Choice® Cheat Sheet

Think of this white paper as your 'cheat sheet'.

Based on reverse engineering over 5,000 exit interviews and the latest international research into The Great Resignation, nine factors were identified as being vital to impacting not only employee retention, but engagement, motivation and performance as well.

These nine factors, dubbed the 9 Currencies of Choice® - are much more important than pay and benefits - providing the people on your team are earning a living wage.

This 'cheat sheet' will take the guesswork out of what your team needs to be fully engaged, motivated and willing to perform at their best.

Use the 9 Currencies of Choice to:

(real results from clients)

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About Kim Seeling Smith

CEO and Founder of Ignite Global,

Kim Seeling Smith

Future of Work expert, Kim Seeling Smith helps organizations build and retain a future fit workforce to reach their commercial goals, create thriving cultures, and overcome challenges and seize opportunities presented by the post-pandemic world.

She engages audiences as a master storyteller, passionate educator and trend translator.

Kim Seeling Smith and Sir Richard Branson pictured

together in Ulusaba, South Africa.

Kim has literally had a seat at the table with Sir Richard Branson for the innovative work she does around the Future of Work, was named a Top 101 Global Influencer on Employee Engagement, wrote THE how to guide on 1:1 employee check-ins, Mind Reading for Managers, and co-wrote a Career Development Guide with mega author Brian Tracy.

You will frequently see Kim on Sunrise, The Today Show, in Forbes, Fast Company, SmartCompany, CEO Magazine, CNBC Online, the Australian Financial Review, the Sydney Morning Herald and many other print and radio media outlets.

A recovering, KPMG trained CPA, Kim has run an international, award-winning consulting firm since 2009. Prior to that she managed globally ranked recruitment teams and has personally conducted over 5,000 exit interviews.

Kim is a highly engaging, thought provoking and inspiring speaker who leaves her audience with clarity, optimism — and at least 3 actionable steps to make an immediate difference in their business.

She is a founding member of Virgin Unite’s 100% Human at Work Initiative in Australia and the Chief Inspiration Officer for Inspire Sydney.

Kim is a Certified Speaking Professional and a Certified Virtual Presenter and has been presenting virtually since 2012.

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